Elephant Skin Stone ( Seegebirge Stone)

Elephant Skin Stone ( Seegebirge Stone)

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This is one of the most textured rocks for aquascaping.  Elephant Skin (also known as Grey Rocks or Seegebirge Stone) has the perfect textures that resemble "elephant skin" and will make any aquascaped tank stand out.

It has an abundance of crevices and the texture and rugged shape makes it an ideal stone to create a natural look with your aquascaping projects.  There are plenty of crevices and the details and texture makes it ideal for many aquascapers!

Elephant Skin Stone has went through thousands and thousands of years of weathering and erosion, giving it the awesome look any aquascaper will love!

This stone will affect the water chemistry of your aquariums. The stone contains traces of calcium carbonate, which will leech into the water column. This is perfectly fine as long as weekly water changes are done to maintain the GH and KH of the tank.

Sold by the pound or set.

Please let us know how many pieces you would like if you have chosen a higher weight of stone. A single stone could weigh 10LB, but multiple smaller stones could also weigh 10LB.

Each unique piece varies in dimensions. You are not getting the exact pieces shown. Dimensions vary from a couple inches, all the way to around 8 inches.

Quantity discounts applied beyond 25LB. Be aware that higher quantities will raise shipping costs.