Sizing Chart

Sea Shell Size is measured from its longest points in any direction.

Opening sizes are measured with a digital caliper at the inside opening closet to the outer shell opening.

Sizing Chart

Opening Sizes

Seashells are made by Mother Nature so we will do our best to send you the exact size you order. In some cases the very closest size will be sent. If your size must be shipped specifically has ordered. Place your order & then go into your account and mark "No Subs" as a comment on your order page, if this is not done we cannot offer an exchange.

19mm = ¾"
25.4mm = 1"
32mm = 1 ¼"
35mm = 1 ⅜"
38mm = 1 ½"
41mm = 1 ⅝"
44.4mm = 1 ¾"
47.6mm = 1 ⅞"
51mm = 2"
54mm = 2 ⅛"

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