Black Seiryu Stone

Black Seiryu Stone

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Seiryu refers to the Chinese Azure Dragon, a mythological constellation whose blue scales surely inspired the naming of this rock. In the West it also goes by the names Dragon Stone, Yin Stone, and Blue Dragon Stone. Seiryu Stone has a striking bluish grey character that’s hard to find in rocks. Grey and whiite veins of calcite add focal points in an aquascape as does the jagged grain that invokes rocky outcroppings and mountain cliffs.

When used in aquarium aquascaping Seiryu provides a dramatic contrast to the vivid greens of live plants and punchy colors of fish that’s hard to match, especially under high powered plant grow lights.

This stone will affect the water chemistry of your aquariums. The grey and white veins are made up of calcium carbonate, which will leech into the water column. This is perfectly fine as long as weekly water changes are done to maintain the GH and KH of the tank. I do not recommend using Seiryu with any caridina species of freshwater shrimp, they do well with stable TDS and soft water. Since the stone will constantly be leeching calcium, this will not be easy to achieve. 

Black Seiryu is the same stone as the regular Seiryu. It has just been refinished with muriatic acid to bring out the nice dark colors. This process is completely safe for any living organisms.

Sold by the pound or set.

Please let us know how many pieces you would like if you have chosen a higher weight of stone. A single stone could weigh 10LB, but multiple smaller stones could also weigh 10LB.

Each unique piece varies in dimensions. You are not getting the exact pieces shown. Dimensions vary from a couple inches, all the way to around 16 inches.

Quantity discounts applied beyond 25LB. Be aware that higher quantities will raise shipping costs.